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Zagreb University of Applied Sciences / Tehničko veleučilište u Zagrebu

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Description of the Partner

The mission of the Polytechnic of Zagreb is to train students to become highly-qualified experts in the area of technical activities and to compete successfully in the labour market. The Polytechnic of Zagreb fully relies on its teachers and associates in carrying out its study programmes. They are highly qualified experts, especially those coming from the entrepreneurship area, providing students with valuable practical knowledge. Teaching methods applied are diverse and creative and they include the obligatory practical work in every study programme. The practical work is performed in eminent companies. While being there students take an active part in current projects, perform various tasks and solve problems.

The Polytechnic of Zagreb carries out four first-cycle study programmes – in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT technologies and Computing. Upon Completion of a study programme students are awarded 180 ECTS credits and a title of:

  •     Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering,
  •     Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering,
  •     Bachelor of Engineering in IT Technologies and
  •     Bachelor of Engineering in Computing


Having completed a first-cycle study programme at the Polytechnic of Zagreb or a similar study programme at another HEI in Croatia or EU, students can enrol in second-cycle four semester study programmes – in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and IT technologies. Upon completion of a study programme students are awarded additional 120 ECTS credits and a title of:

  •     Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering,
  •     Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering and
  •     Master of Engineering in IT Technologies.

TVZ places special attention to lifelong and distance learning. The Lifelong Learning Centre of TVZ consists of its core – NetAkademija, but it also carries out different programs, such as delivering courses related to engineering, marketing and project management, as well as courses in Electrical and Civil engineering, awarded with ECTS points (approved by Croatian National Agency).

TVZ has a long tradition of using ICTs to support teaching and learning. Several modules and study programmes within the institution are delivered in blended mode. As the largest polytechnic institution in Croatia, TVZ provides technical support for partner institutions throughout the country. In collaboration with Croatian Academic and Research Network, TVZ actively contributes in development of new infrastructure for teaching and learning aimed at the whole Croatian space of higher education.


Description of the Staff 

Petar Jandrić is an educator and researcher. He published six books, dozens of scholarly articles and chapters, and numerous popular articles. Petar’s background is in physics, education and information science, and his research interests are situated at the post-disciplinary intersections between technologies, pedagogies and the society. Petar worked at Croatian Academic and Research Network, University of Edinburgh, Glasgow School of Art, and University of East London. At present, he works as professor and director of BSc (Informatics) programme at the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, and visiting associate professor at the University of Zagreb.

Milan Bajić is the Head of the Multimedia Lab at the University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb. Milan has more than a decade of experience in recording and editing video for various television channels, corporate, government and non government organisations. After a successful career in video production, he decided to enter the academia. Milan’s main professional interests are linked to visual content in various educational contexts. His current research is focused to documentary film and photography, and their applications to educational settings.