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Welten institute: research centre for learning, teaching and technology

Main roles and core expertise of the OUNL in the project entail game design and research. OUNL’s Welten institute as partner will participate in and contribute to all deliverables, and will be task responsible for the A2 (Quality Assurance), O5 (game design specification) and O7 (support materials) deliverables

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Description of the Partner

The Open University of the Netherlands is an independent government-funded institute for distance learning at university level, organised into 3 faculties and a network of 15 regional study centres in the Netherlands and 6 in Belgium (Flanders), with around 20,000 students. The OUNL develops and provides open higher distance education. There is a special focus on the use of new ICTs and teaching/learning methods to provide effective, efficient, attractive and accessible lifelong learning facilities and education to the Dutch citizens. In its international activities the Open University of the Netherlands concentrates on activities that strengthen and expand its role as an international frontrunner in e-learning, collaborating with a large number of national and international institutions within various contexts.

The staff involved in the RU EU? project is based at the Welten institute where cutting edge research is carried out into learning, teaching and educational technology. Innovative education asks for domain specific expertise ánd expertise in the field of educational, information and communication technologies. Therefore next to the domain specific research, research into educational sciences and educational technologies has a special place within the Open University.

Within the OUNL, the Welten Institute (formerly known as CELSTEC) integrates expertise in the learning sciences and technology-enhanced learning, with 100+ researchers / developers involved. The mission of the Welten Institute is to improve learning and knowledge building at work, at school, at home and on the move by combining state-of-the art knowledge in the Learning Sciences with the innovative powers of new Information and Communication Technologies. New technologies and approaches to learning and innovation are extensively tested in our laboratories and in practice. The core activities of the Welten Institute are research, innovation, education and training.  OUNL/Welten Institute has been an active coordinator and participant in numerous European research projects from FP5 to FP7, Erasmus +, LLP and H2020.


Description of the Staff

The project will be staffed by both members of the Effective Learning (FEEEL) and Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) groups at  the Welten Institute. These groups have a special focus on fostering and researching effective learning and electronic learning environments, particularly linked with immersive, mobile / ambient, and social media. They combine expertise in the areas of pedagogical scenarios for learning and learning support, interoperability, learning management systems, serious games, virtual learning environments, social media mash-ups (personal learning environments), social and situational awareness, usability as well as expertise related to content authoring, content management, workplace learning and lifelong learning at large.

Dr. Hans Hummel works as associate professor of educational technology at the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands. He is an experienced researcher and developer with a strong expertise in the areas of Workplace learning and TEL, Virtual communities for Learning, Experiential and Immersive Learning and Serious Gaming. He was appointed as Chair to lead the ‘Lectorate Workplace learning and ICT’ at the NHL University of Applied Learning from 2009-2014. He is an experienced project leader, and amongst others lead the EMERGO project that delivered a dedicated approach and toolkit for developing Serious Games for Complex Learning (Received Comenius Award in 2008). He has been involved in various European projects and published 100+ scientific articles.

Mr. Jeroen Storm works as Education and Research Assistant at the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands. Jeroen has over 10 years of experience in the interaction- and visual design and development of many high-end web-based and mobile applications particularly tailored for distance learning. Furthermore he performs usability research (including eye-tracking and remote usability testing) on a wide range of educational software applications, websites and mobile apps in the Usability Lab the Welten Institute. He has been involved in various European projects.

Administrative support will be provided from the Administration Office of the Welten Institute, more specifically by Mrs. Connie Meegdes.