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Use Case Scenario: Playing R U EU? Game with students


The RU EU game will be played by all students in the gaming lab as a starting part. The main objective of this is that most of our students are from abroad and do not really much about European differences. In addition, they are mostly from STEM subjects and not used to think much into some of the stakes we have in RU EU. However, most of these are work in EU projects and therefore it will be a very valuable for them to play this game.

The game will in addition be offered to other students from the Uni Bremen (external).

The scenario on lorry drivers can be used also as a part of the formal education – (needs to be tested if it is working), on the courses we have on decision making in distributed production.

The game will also be offered to our project partners in the beginning of new projects (with unknown partners) as a part of awareness raising. I am here thinking on group playing on f.ex kick-offs in order to establish common ground and to get to know each other in a gamified way.

R U EU? and 3rd party involved

Students coming from Uni Bremen are our 3 party members. The assistant employed in BIBA are not counting even if they are students at the university.


All memebers of BIBA, Students at University of Bremen, project partners, external at dissemination events.

Number of people/companies involved

Target is within project 60, and on long run regularly 10-20 internal new every year.


The game can be used in different context. In the first context, it will be used as a introductory tool for employees working at the BIBAgaming lab. Many of these employees are coming from countries outside the European Union and therefore are less aware both on EU related topics as well as the differences between nations/cultures. This is why we have selected to develop that scenario within BIBA.

The second context is that the game will be made available for the University of Bremen. They are involved inXXXXXXX, CCCCC, and are interested to use the game for different project activities……


The game scenarios are  designed for specifically training the awareness about regional, national and EU/European identity. The scenarios are all produced using Unity, and with the same structured layout, which can easily be modified.

Therefore, we expect that the transferability will be quite good as long as we can keep the structure. We are currently looking at how to re-use the platform for the addressed topic, but reframe it to be more relevant for logistics. The lorry driving scenario is a good basis for that, but also the logic of difference among the nations scenario is suitable- we can here focus on differences and similarities in regulation for transport and production with a focus on EU harmonisation and how this impact national and regional ways of operating.